Hi, I'm Diana.

I am a Freelance Front-end Developer and UI Designer from the Marche region (Italy).

About me

I am a creative and dynamic person. Always passionate about computer science, over the years I have specialized in web development.

I love programming beautiful things so CSS is my best friend along with Javascript.

photo diana bernabei

My profile is T-shape, so I don't define myself as full-stack because my strong point is the front-end but I know back-end languages ​​like PHP and Python. I am not an expert in the latter but I 'chew' them and this helps me to work well in multidisciplinary teams. In addition to development, I also deal with graphics and UI / UX.

I like to introduce information technology, web development and web design, for this reason I participate as a speaker at meetups and events (we hope to be able to return soon to do them) where I discover coding and in particular front-end development.

I also bring forward themes that are close to my heart such as diversity and the inclusion of women in the STEM world 👩‍🔬👩‍💻👷‍♀️👩‍🏫. I believe that more diverse teams manage projects more creatively and create better products, that's why I became WomenTechmakers Ambassador and I support all girls and women who want to get closer to the STEM world, especially IT.

I recently opened an Instagram profile where I publish development and UI design posts, and day after day I try to be an inspiration to girls and boys from practically all over the world, and at the same time following better professionals than me I keep myself informed about new technologies and frameworks. I am of the thought that Man is a social animal, people are not made to be alone so even in a situation like the one we are experiencing it is important to confront and create a community.


Below I leave you an outline of my computer and design knowledge. The first group (🤓) are the concepts that I master well, the central ones (⚙️) are the technologies that I have already seen different times but I don't feel like defining myself as an expert on these topics, in essence I know how to 'chew' them (maybe if we start a new project together on one of these topics I can move it to the previous column), while in the third group (📚) there are the topics that I am learning or intend to learn in the short term.


  • HTML5
  • CSS3, SASS
  • Javascript, jQuery
  • C / C ++, PHP
  • JAMstack (Jekyll)
  • Git, Github, Bitbucket
  • Markdown
  • SEO
  • Bootstrap
  • Material Design, Flat Design, Skeuomorphic Design
  • Color theory and accessibility
  • Adobe Illustrator, Gravit
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Figma
  • UX Design


  • Progressive Web App
  • Vue.js
  • Wordpress
  • Bulma, Tailwind


  • React, Angular
  • Electron
  • Node.js, Ruby On Rails
  • GatsbyJS, Hugo
  • Flutter
work experiences
  • (2020) I start work as a Freelance
  • (2020) Website development vitacreattiva.it customizing a Wordpress theme and using Boostrap for graphics
  • (2020) Zerynth Pisa (PI) office: Technical Marketing , Content marketing, Copywriting
  • (2019) Libraccio headquarters Pisa - Contract
  • (2018) Libraccio headquarters Pisa - Assistant contractor
  • (2012 - 2018) Ecopoint Srl headquarters Fermo (FM)
    • Development of a showcase website
    • Development of e-commerce by Market analysis of competitors in the VMC sector and lack of online stores of filters for such machines
    • SEO optimization
    • Graphics for flyers, letterheads, notepads, business cards
    • Newsletter management with MailUp
  • (2018 - ongoing) Bachelor's Degree in COMPUTER SCIENCE (EHEA First cycle, EQF Level 6) at the University of Pisa
  • (2013 - 2018) Bachelor's Degree in COMPUTER ENGINEERING (candidate ) at the University of Pisa
  • (2009 - 2013) High school diploma ITIS specialization at ITIS “G. and M. Montani ”of Fermo - Score 100/100
community experiences
  • (12/2019) “How to hold a talk (with workshop) v4” GDG Pisa
  • (11/2019) “How to hold a talk v3” DevFest Urbino < / li>
  • (11/2019) “How to hold a talk v2“ DevFest Pescara
  • (11/2019) “The importance of the community“ Linux Day Pisa (with Chiara Corrado, Giovanni Bartolomeo, Leonardo Dipilato)
  • (10/2019) “WebDev for Dummies“ GDG Pisa
  • (09/2019) “Self-promotion“ WTM Pisa Meetup (with Chiara Corrado)
  • (05/2019) “Stories, advices and a pinch of bits“ GDG Torino
  • (04/2019) “How to hold a talk v1“ DevFest Pisa 1.0
  • (2018 ) “Bootstrap: from Zero to Hero“ GDG Genova


In this section I want to show you some public projects I have done since I became freelance. You can see that my Instagram profile is also present, this is because I publish graphic elements every day and advice on technologies that could easily be found on a site.

Remember, it all comes down to understanding your users.
In most cases, it's the design that makes the difference between the growth or the br eak of the brand.

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